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Award for Excellence in Public Procurement & Best Practice Award

The Excellence in Public Procurement and Best Practices Awards Program was established to recognize agencies that meet/exceed benchmarks and best practices in the Procurement Profession. Each year your Entity Awards Committee reviews the program and revises the application’s criteria to ensure that it reflects the current benchmarks and best practices; and encourages our members to keep improving within their organizations/agencies. In 2017, we presented 12 Entity Awards and 3 Best Practices Awards to the agencies listed below.  Our best practice award winners made a presentation to the full membership at the Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. Spring Conference and shared their successes with their colleagues!   I encourage you to review the winning applications/best practice submittals and apply next year.  The 2018 application will span the period from January 1, 2017 with the end date to be February 15, 2018.


Keith K. Glatz, CPPO



The “Login” box shown on this page may ONLY be used once you have established an account for entering an application.  (A separate account is required since the software used to prepare your submittal resides on the server of the firm that is providing the electronic application service to FAPPO.)

Please click on the link below titled “Click here to enter”, which will take you to page where you will be able to establish your account.  Fill-out your agency information and create your password under the column titled “Create a New Account”.  (Please note that the fields are case sensitive.) Once you have filled-in all of the appropriate information, click-on the “Register” key, and you will then be able to begin preparing your application. 

Once you log-out, you will need to go back to the Awards/Award of Excellence page, and use your new credentials for future logins.  Each user in your agency should also follow the same process if they plan to have access to the system. 

Application Process

The application process for 2018 has now been completely automated, and is currently available to FAPPO members by clicking the link shown below.  Members wishing to submit an application must now use the on-line form, which provides users with the ability to upload documentation directly for each individual question on the application.  All submittals must received electronically through the FAPPO web-site by no later than 5:00 P.M. on February 15, 2018. For questions about the content, contact Mr. Keith K. Glatz, CPPO, Purchasing & Contracts Manager, City of Tamarac, Phone: (954) 597-3567, E-mail: keith.glatz@tamarac.org. For technical questions about using the on-line form, contact Ms. Monica Powery, CPPB, Purchasing Administrator, City of Greenacres, Phone:  (561) 642-2039, E-mail mpowery@greenacresfl.gov.

Click here to enter.

Before beginning, you will need to create an account with a User ID and password for each agency.  

You may apply for the Award of Excellence and/or the Best Practice Award. Please be sure to select the category (Award of Excellence or Best Practice).  If you wish to apply for both awards, you will need to select the Award of Excellence category first, complete the agency information screen, select the “Save and Next” button, and complete the questions, and upload your documentation.

You will then need to go back and select the Best Practice category.  Select the category that you want to apply for from the available selections for the “Cost Savings” category, the “Contribution to the Profession” category or the “Innovation” category.  You may only make one (1) selection.  You will then need to complete your general agency information if it is not already saved, and scroll to the bottom of the page to click on the “Save and Next” button to move to the Best Practice application/upload. The judges reserve the right to move your application to a different category after their evaluation.

Membership Participation Credits (MPC):  Entities submitting applications for either award may qualify for Membership Participation Credits.   $300 Membership Participation Credits will be awarded to entities who submit an Award for Excellence Application with a score of at least 90% of the required passing score (i.e. minimum passing score of 125 points x .90 = 112 points).  $300 Membership Participation Credits will be awarded to each of the three successful Best Practice Award winners; and $25 Membership Participation Credits will be awarded to those Best Practice Award entries that receive an Honorable Mention.  Winners will be notified prior to the Spring Conference in order to allow for the proper allocation of Membership Participation Credits. 

FAPPO is very interested in receiving many and varied Best Practice Award entries; HOWEVER, an entity is only eligible to receive Membership Participation Credits for ONE (1) Best Practice Award entry per entity. For example, if an entity submits two (2) Best Practice Award entries, and is named as the winner for one of the categories listed above, then the maximum number of Membership Participation Credits available to them for the Best Practice Award will be $300 Membership Participation Credits. If none of the entity’s Best Practice Awards applications is the winner for one of the categories listed above, but are eligible for an Honorable Mention, the entity will receive a maximum of $25 Membership Participation Credits total.  Even if an entity receives Membership Participation Credits for a Best Practice Award Application, the entity may still receive $300 in Membership Participation Credits for the Award of Excellence application. 

In summary, the maximum available Membership Participation Credits for the FAPPO Awards Program is as follows:

Award of Excellence application with at least 90% of the required score:                $300 MPC points

Best Practice Award Winner:                                                                                     $300 MPC points

                                                                                                                                   Maximum Total: $600 MPC Points

Every attempt will be made to announce winning entries in order to facilitate the use of membership Participation Credits  for the upcoming FAPPO Conference; however, since the decision regarding the winners of the Award of Excellence and the Best Practice Award may not be disclosed until shortly before the Spring Conference, recipients who receive Membership Participation Credits for one of these awards may defer the use of their Membership Participation Credits until the Spring Conference to be held the year immediately following their receipt of the Membership Participation Credits.